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Ford & Associates' approach is tailored to the unique circumstances and financial goals of each client.  We provide financial advice and insight based on the best available information in order to advance your mission.


Public Finance is the industry of governmental economics - the revenues and expenditures of Federal, state, and local public authorities.  States, cities, counties, school districts, governmental utilities, special districts, colleges & universities, and even many non-profit organizations are responsible for the provision of vital public services that we often take for granted.  Doing so requires consistent, adequate funding.

The Public Finance industry is largely focused around governmental borrowing and the need to finance large projects outside of typical expenditure cycles.  In the United States, most projects undertaken by governmental authorities and non-profit agencies may be financed with low, tax exempt interest rates.  Most public agencies are able to issue bonds or take out loans from a commercial bank.  Municipal financings vary in size, structure, complexity, method of sale, term, and cost. 

No borrower is required to engage a Municipal Advisor, but the Governmental Finance Officers Association's Best Practices advises issuers to engage a municipal advisor prior to the undertaking of a debt financing unless there is adequate in-house expertise and access to current bond market information.  To speak to us about the value Ford & Associates may provide to your community, please contact us.


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